Welcome to the Beta version of the TagniFi API.

Our API’s sole purpose is to deliver highly-accessible, accurate and timely financial data; enabling you to build the next-generation of financial applications.  To achieve this our API adheres to the following set of core tenets:

  • Usability -  We revere the idea of making our API as accessible and discoverable as possible. We value explicitness over implicitness. We want to provide the best API documentation, tools, and developer experience this side of the Internet.
  • Adaptability – The world changes and so will our API. We enable this change by subscribing to the hypermedia camp. It’s our intent to evolve without breaking your application.
  • Responsiveness – Our API should respect the temporal sensitivity of financial data. This means a couple of things, we will enable your application to have access to the latest financial data as it becomes available and we treat our performance as a critical success factor.

We take these tenets seriously. With that said, if you think we are missing the mark on any of these, please let us know.

A couple of other quick technical bullet points about our API, we do the following:

  • We currently only support JSON and follow the JSON API  hypermedia standard.
  • Authenticate via Basic Auth over SSL.
  • Heavily leverage HTTP status codes for all responses.
  • Versioning is handled via link relations and link deprecation policies.

What’s Next?  Well, you can get started, provide feedback, or if anything is unclear, ask questions.

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Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started with the Beta version of the TagniFi API:

  1. Obtain an API key.
  2. Visit the Authentication page to understand  how to send your API key to any Tagnifi API action.
  3. Read the Search Fundamentals documentation.
  4. Send your first request. To test it out before you write any code you can use a number of tool(s). If you like the command line give cURL a try. If a web interface whets your appetite then give Postman a spin. If neither of these work for you there are plethora of other choices.
  5. That’s it! Request away.

Also, remember, we are in Beta, if you find any issues or have any feedback, please let us know.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our system status updates!

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You authenticate to the Tagnifi API via HTTP Basic Auth over HTTPS. Please send your API key via the basic auth username; the basic auth password is not required.

Note: all requests must be made via HTTPS and must be authenticated. We don’t support HTTP and  all HTTP requests will fail.

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Search Fundamentals

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