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Excel Features

6 reasons why the TagniFi Excel add-in is changing how analysts use financial data.

Power Your Models

Automate your Excel models with dynamic links to fundamental, market and macroeconomic data. Enter a ticker symbol and voila!

Function Builder

Build custom TagniFi functions with the easy-to-use Function Builder. Once your function is ready simply copy-and-paste it into any Excel model.

Right-Click Audit

Audit any standardized value in TagniFi Fundamentals by right-clicking on the cell to view the calculation details and source document.

Free Excel Models

Get started downloading data with the free Excel models linked to TagniFi data. Change the ticker symbol and the model instantly updates with new data.

Save As Values

Perfect for sharing models with colleagues or clients, Save As Values creates a copy of your current model with all TagniFi data converted to values.

Company Search

Easily search for companies by keyword, industry, SIC code or NAICS code. Then export the list to Excel for your analysis.

Getting Started

A quick start guide for getting started with the TagniFi Excel add-in.

Choose a Plan

Choose a month-to-month plan for flexibility or an annual plan for greater savings.

Install the Excel Add-In

Download and install the TagniFi Excel add-in on your computer. Requires Excel 2007 or newer.

Add Your Key

Add your TagniFi key to the Excel add-in by selecting 'My Key' from the TagniFi menu in Excel.

Download Models

Download any of the free Excel models already linked to TagniFi data. Simply change the ticker to run your first model.

Build a Function

If you are looking to create a new model, use the Function Builder to create your first TagniFi function.

Search for Companies

Use the Company Search tool to find companies meeting specific criteria such as keyword, industry, SIC or NAICS code.



Scott Saltzman
Saltzman LLC

I highly recommend TagniFi for all valuation firms, whether you prepare numerous or a few market approach valuations during the year. I have evaluated numerous software similar to TagniFi over the years. I have found errors with some of their data models or others require annual fees that are not cost beneficial.

Andy Arkfeld
Arkfeld Wealth Strategies

TagniFi has transformed how I look at stocks. Before TagniFi I was more dependent on sell-side research for price targets and investment ideas. With TagniFi I can run my own valuation models and stock searches. I highly recommend TagniFi to any advisor that wants to make better investment decisions.

C. Brett Cooper
Rivero, Gordimer & Company

TagniFi has completely transformed the way I use financial data in Excel. I have my spreadsheet setup where all I need to do is input my ticker symbols and valuation date to run a new analysis. In less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee my work is done. I highly recommend TagniFi to anyone working with public company data.

New Excel Models

The latest additions to our free Excel models.

A model for calculating the Altman Z-Score for multiples companies.

Commercial & Industrial / TagniFi Fundamentals / TagniFi Markets

A model displaying the latest 5 years of annual balance sheet data for banking and savings companies.

Banking & Savings / TagniFi Fundamentals

A model displaying the latest 5 years of income statement data for banking and savings companies.     Back to Excel Models

Banking & Savings / TagniFi Fundamentals
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